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Our Brand

Brighter World Brand Story

It’s tempting to hope that a few brilliant minds will lead us to a brighter world.  

But that’s not the McMaster way. We know that transformative change happens when everyone is included. Excellence is not a solitary act. At McMaster it’s a collective art.  

McMaster encourages students to reach beyond traditional boundaries to better understand their potential and the world’s complex challenges. A brighter future for all means McMaster students are prepared for lives of purpose and leadership. They learn the value of community from the start with opportunities in laboratories, research groups, workplaces, design studios and startup incubators.  

Our university invented problem-based learning, the McMaster method, which continues to transform education globally. We are also the birthplace of evidence-based medicine, a revolution in care that is one of the most important medical advances of our time. Our nuclear research produces isotopes to treat cancer and brings the promise of cleaner energy for all. Students and faculty come to McMaster to build on our global leadership in research that deeply impacts people, communities and our planet.  

We welcome students, faculty, and staff from across the country and around the world to Hamilton – a city, like us, overflowing with ambition. McMaster’s diverse teams collaborate with partners beyond our campus borders.  

We are determined to advance human and societal health and well-being for all. It’s a bold vision where people with diverse talents work together to solve important challenges and build a brighter world.

An inclusive brand

McMaster is home to a wonderfully diverse community. All of the materials we create should reflect and celebrate this diversity by being accessible and inclusive. Our Brand Guidelines include information about inclusive storytelling, imagery and language. The brand guidelines are a living document and can be continually updated to better serve everyone in our community.

Here are some quick links to inclusive elements of McMaster’s brand standards:

Visual elements

It is vital to ensure that all visual content we create is respectful and reflects our values of inclusivity, accessibility and integrity.

Update to McMaster's logo Learn More

To improve accessibility and readability, in 2024 the kerning, or spacing between the letters of the McMaster logo, was increased.  Learn more in the Logos and Marks section of the Brand Guidelines.

A new McMaster font Learn More

The primary brand font, Poppins, is a versatile, sans serif typeface that follows the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Learn more in the Typography section of the Brand Guidelines.

Colour contrast Learn More

By providing sufficient contrast, designers can make their content more inclusive, allowing all users to easily access and navigate digital experiences. Sufficient colour contrast in graphic design ensures that individuals with various visual abilities can easily perceive visual content. Learn more in the Colour Palette section of the Brand Guidelines.

New circle element Learn More

The new circle element in McMaster’s brand symbolizes our welcoming, diverse and inclusive community, where everyone is valued and respected. Importantly, the circle should never overlap a person’s skin in photos or videos. The circle elements and how to use it reflects the authentic perspectives from across McMaster who participated in shaping how the brand has evolved. Learn more in the Visual Expression section of the Brand Guidelines.

Inclusive imagery Learn More

Our imagery, both photography and video, must reflect McMaster’s diverse community. Our brand’s visual expression should inspire unity and foster belonging. This information is included in our Photography and Videography Brand Guidelines.

Writing & Storytelling Elements

In addition to our visual content, our written content should also reflect and celebrate the diversity at the heart of McMaster University.

Inclusive storytelling Learn More

McMaster communicators recognize that diversity strengthens our storytelling: Better outcomes and more significant impact are achieved when diverse perspectives from our students, faculty, alumni and staff are amplified. McMaster’s Storytelling Principles include guidance to be inclusive, and for our storytelling to be responsive to the distinct needs of equity-deserving communities as we work to foster belonging and celebrate excellence. Learn more in the Storytelling Principles section.

Welcoming social media communities Learn More

McMaster’s social media brand guidelines include principles for social media managers across campus that include ensuring content is accessible and inclusive. Learn more in the Social Media Guidelines section.

Inclusive language Learn More

Developed in collaboration with the Equity and Inclusion Office, the Inclusive Language section includes guidance on disability-inclusive language, age-related language, gender-neutral language, gender identity and sexual orientation, as well as writing about members of racialized communities. Following the Canadian Press style guide’s direction, there are also notes on writing about Indigenous Peoples. Learn more about the Inclusive Language section.

Brand Resource Library

Our searchable library of tools and templates includes logo, templates, photography and video files.