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Icons are a great way to add visual interest alongside copy. They can also be used to convey high-level information quickly and simply.

The icon’s simplistic stroke-only (no fill) style provides a modern aesthetic and aligns nicely with the circle element. These icons can enhance assets without overshadowing the messaging.

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Various colour options can be applied to this icon style within the McMaster brand. When selecting a colour, there are a few things to remember.

Icons as information:
When icons are used to convey information, accessibility compliance needs to be considered. For example, a magnifying glass in a web page navigation bar that functions as a search tool needs to be large enough and have sufficient colour contrast against the background to be easily viewed and clear for all users. The icon should be a single colour in these scenarios. On dark backgrounds, either white or McMaster Heritage Gold; on a light background, either black or McMaster Heritage Maroon.

Icons as design:
More approved colour options are available when icons provide visual interest to an asset alongside copy. They can be a single colour selected from any McMaster colour palette, as long as all colour palette standards are being followed (i.e. McMaster Heritage Maroon is the most prominent colour in the asset). The following two-colour options can also be used – but no other two-colour combinations are permitted.

A visual example showing various brand icons. The icons include a graduation cap, a microscope, a letter, a globe, a sign for atoms, and a computer showing a bar graph. The first column shows the icons outlined in black on a white background. The second column shows the icons outlined in black and maroon on a white background. The third column shows the icons outlined in white on a black background. The fourth column shows the icons outlined in white and gold on a black background.

There is a library of icons available on the Brand Resource Library. PowerPoint templates also include icons. (Asset currently in development.)

If additional icons are required, please contact: