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Important considerations

Videos help members of the McMaster community tell their own stories.

We commit to fostering diversity within our production teams to enrich our creative output and ensure a variety of perspectives are considered in every project.

Ensuring a uniform visual style across videos, regardless of the creator, is vital for brand consistency. To help with this, we have made a range of video brand assets available in the Brand Resource Library.

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Lower-thirds are graphics at the bottom of the screen that display the name and title of a person in a video. Including lower-third graphics can improve viewer comprehension and retention. Two versions of the McMaster lower-third graphics exist – one with a white background, and another with a maroon background. Please use the one that works best in your scene.

To reinforce brand identity, use a McMaster logo outro, including faculties and departments, at the end of your video. During the video, place the McMaster logo or a McMaster logo lockup on the upper right corner, with the McMaster logo on the outer edge.

Accessible video is a priority at McMaster. To be in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), all content must be captioned in English. Captions can either be closed (where you select an option to display them) or open (embedded into the video file itself). It’s essential to proofread any auto-generated captions to ensure accuracy. Embedding the captions is recommended for social content that does not allow you to upload an SRT or other caption file. When embedding captions, ensure they are always legible by providing enough visual contrast. White text in Poppins font on a solid McMaster Maroon background is a great choice.

Music should contribute to the video’s tone and enhance the storytelling elements. It should not be distracting or interfere with the viewer’s ability to understand interviewees. Sound effects can improve the viewing experience and draw attention to key elements in the video. Departments are responsible for sourcing copyright-free audio for their productions.

McMaster has created a resource containing footage that includes drone shots of campus, student life and various spaces on campus. If you need to access this footage, please refer to the Brand Resource Library. Always ensure you have copyright or use copyright-free content for external stock footage. 

Reach out to if you are looking for something that does not currently exist in the database or are unsure about usage.

Options like YouTube or Vimeo host your video content for website distribution. However, regardless of the platform you choose, it’s imperative that your content complies with AODA standards and includes captions.