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Social Media Principles

McMaster University is committed to fostering an inclusive, respectful and welcoming campus community — and McMaster’s social media accounts are an extension of our community.

McMaster’s social media accounts should demonstrate our mission, values and vision, which includes our commitment to excellence, inclusion and community. For those who manage a McMaster social media account, this guide also provides instructions for branding your social media profile and content.

The following are principles that act as a guide for McMaster’s social media content creators. 

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University social media accounts play an important role in sharing trustworthy updates in a digital landscape that can be full of misinformation. To ensure McMaster’s social media accounts are credible and reliable: be timely in sharing information or responding on social media; only engage on social media with a plan and monitor social media activity and discontinue accounts that are not actively monitored.

Research the platforms used by your audiences and create a social media plan based on what works best for your audience. Measure your success and adapt. Stay up-to-date on how social media platforms are evolving and evaluate the value and security of using new platforms when they arrive. Partnering with an existing McMaster account with a large following is often more impactful than starting a new one. Connect with the Content Team at to learn about all of the ways we can help you connect with your audience on social media.

Maintaining the security of university social media accounts is crucial. Ensure that passwords are secure and regularly updated. Establish a succession plan for university social media accounts. McMaster’s social media account managers are responsible for creating a respectful and constructive environment for all. Learn more about community standards for each platform on the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter/ X websites. For more guidance on facilitating safe and positive engagement, connect with the Content Team at

Create social media content that reflects and celebrates McMaster’s diverse community. Ensure social media content is accessible and inclusive. Have a plan to create and share social media content customized for your audience in formats they prefer and find engaging. Connect with other social media content creators on campus to share and amplify one another’s content. For more information about the social media community at McMaster, or to discuss your social media questions, connect with the Content Team by emailing