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Brand story

Authentic. Optimistic. Hopeful. McMaster.

It’s tempting to hope that a few brilliant minds will lead us to a brighter world.   But that’s not the McMaster way. We know that transformative change happens when everyone is included. Excellence is not a solitary act. At McMaster it’s a collective art.   McMaster encourages students to reach beyond traditional boundaries to better understand their potential and the world’s complex challenges. A brighter future for all means McMaster students are prepared for lives of purpose and leadership. They learn the value of community from the start with opportunities in laboratories, research groups, workplaces, design studios and startup incubators.   Our university invented problem-based learning, the McMaster method, which continues to transform education globally. We are also the birthplace of evidence-based medicine, a revolution in care that is one of the most important medical advances of our time. Our nuclear research produces isotopes to treat cancer and brings the promise of cleaner energy for all. Students and faculty come to McMaster to build on our global leadership in research that deeply impacts people, communities and our planet.   We welcome students, faculty, and staff from across the country and around the world to Hamilton – a city, like us, overflowing with ambition. McMaster’s diverse teams collaborate with partners beyond our campus borders.   We are determined to advance human and societal health and well-being for all. It’s a bold vision where people with diverse talents work together to solve important challenges and build a brighter world.